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  • Server Uptime

    Servers 99% uptime

  • Fast Download

    Via Website
    Free With Server

  • 24/7 Support

    Ticket and email
    Support & Mobile

  • Servers Network

    1Gbps+ With
    Fast Realtime


  • High Performance Servers
  • Windows
  • Networks With No Lag
  • Clan Pay Option
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Quick Setup

DDoS Protection

  • Layer4/Layer7
  • Up to 8GBPS
  • VAC technology
  • Great Latency
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


  • Copy & Recover Files
  • Tcadmin Custom Panel
  • Free Clan Website
  • No Limit On Bots
  • Fantastic Pings
  • Full Rights To All .exe Files

Game Servers

GTSGaming are a UK base Game Service Provider who aim to bring low ping, high speed game servers to its customers for the lowest prices on the web.


Please ask for a free fastdl hosting from gtsgaming, you can do this by submitting a support ticket or when you order your game server.

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